Sumner Memorial High School

“If I Could Have a Do-Over” Presentation

“If I Could Have a Do-Over” A Father’s hard-earned lessons about Cyberbullying, Depression and Preventing Teen Suicides.
“My son’s life story has an effect on students like no other presentation. It is a true story that inspires them to make positive changes in their lives towards reducing bullying, cyber bullying and preventing teen suicides. Students are reached in a deep and profound way to examine their own lives and how they treat others. Bystanders are inspired to no longer stand by and let others get bullied at school or online. Students will leave this presentation feeling loved, hopeful and changed.”
John Halligan’s presentation: Monday, May 16 from 6-7:30 pm
Sumner Memorial High School cafeteria
Parents can expect to be empowered with strategies to take preventive actions with their own children. 
Questions: Kristina Minott, LCSW, 207-422-3510 Ext. 362