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The purpose of Charles M. Sumner Learning Campus is to prepare students to adapt to diverse environments and to make positive contributions to their communities. All students will be challenged in a safe and respectful environment. Charles M. Sumner Learning Campus will enable students to “make it.”


Recent News

Updates to the Charles M. Sumner Learning Campus

The purpose of this email is to update you on the status of the Charles M. Sumner Learning Campus. Despite the diligent efforts of many individuals involved in the project, we will not be able to start the 2022-2023 school year in the new facility. The water sprinkler system that is in place will not function appropriately to provide the necessary protections for our staff and students. This is an unfortunate (and frustrating) situation that we are working to remedy in a timely fashion but it does appear that the fix will take months to complete.

(Please click on the title for the whole letter from Supt. Eastman)

Help the Maine Broadband Coalition Bring Reliable Internet to All Mainers

The Maine Broadband Coalition has launched a statewide internet speed test mapping initiative. The goal of the “Get Up To Speed” initiative is to gather data from across the state to generate the most comprehensive map of both the presence and quality of internet in Maine to date.

Residents are being asked to help the initiative by taking this less-than-a-minute test to map their own speed through the Maine Broadband Coalition’s website.

The Maine Broadband Coalition will aggregate, document, and visualize the speed testing information to provide users and state officials with up-to-date service maps. Participants can view their results (while personal information remains confidential) and watch the public map of Maine grow in real-time.

A crucial next step

The new speed testing initiative is the crucial next step in ensuring the delivery of broadband throughout the state and will help local, regional, and state leaders develop projects and steer investments to the places that need it most. This map, along with other data collected, will help inform where the bond funding, approved by Maine voters in July, can have the most impact.

Please take a minute today to take the Maine Broadband test. This two-minute grass-roots activity is the next step in helping to expand high-quality broadband to all Mainers. Test your own speed now by using the link below.

No School Today, Dec. 17

Due to the approaching storm, there will be NO school at all RSU 24 schools today, Dec. 17. This includes Adult Education and all after school activites. ​Stay safe, everyone!